ankle monitor

'Digital shackles': the unexpected cruelty of ankle monitors 

The use of GPS monitors to track offenders is on the rise in the US. But wearers say it amounts to a new form of imprisonment


The Guardian, August 2018

Once it was the biggest social network; now it’s a ghost town. But for a handful of hardcore users, Myspace remains essential


The Guardian, June 2018

Working for a tech company may sound like all fun and ping-pong, but behind the facade is a ruthless code of secrecy – and retribution for those who break it


The Guardian, March 2018 





Sites are collecting people’s mugshots, then charging huge sums to remove them. Should Google be doing more to stop it?

The Guardian, June 2018

Silicon Valley workers are taking tiny hits of LSD before heading to work. But are they risking their health or optimising it?

WIRED UK, August 2016






Revelations about the depths of Facebook’s failure to protect our data have finally pulled back the curtain, observers say





The Guardian, March 2018

A security lapse that affected more than 1,000 workers forced one moderator into hiding – and he still lives in constant fear for his safety


The Guardian, June 2017





The ‘party drug’ is synonymous with rave culture, but an ambitious clinical study could prove it has the power to treat PTSD

The Guardian, September 2016

Big tech companies pay some of the country’s best salaries. But workers claim the high cost of living in the Bay Area has them feeling financially strained


The Guardian, February 2017



How Syria's White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

The Russia-backed campaign to link the volunteer rescuers with al-Qaida exposes how conspiracy theories take root: ‘It’s like a factory’


The Guardian, December 2017

Like many parents, Sandy is concerned about how much time her 18-month-old spends in front of screens. Weighing up the available evidence, Olivia Solon explains that she might be worrying too much.


Mosaic Science, June 2016


Sorry, y'all! Humanity's nearing an upgrade to irrelevance

Humanity has had astonishing success alleviating famine, disease, and war. (It might not always seem that way, but it’s true.) Now, Homo sapiens is on the brink of an upgrade – sort of


Wired, February 2017

Everyday on the internet, people – disproportionately women, people of color and queer people – are abused. How did we get here and what can we do about it?


The Guardian, November 2016

First firms blocked porn. Now they scan for child sex images

The first alarm came within a week. It meant an  employee had used a company computer to view images categorized by law enforcement as child sexual abuse. 


Bloomberg, October 2015